crochet pattern and chart
before we start crocheting
left-handed online course and video tutorials

skill level needed and what you’ll learn


skill level – easy

The Bliss Blanket uses simple stitch patterns and I recommend making it after the Warm Heart Blanket.


what you’ll learn

This is what you’ll learn while making the Bliss Blanket:

  • slip knot
  • chain
  • double crochet (UK terminology) / single crochet (US terminology)
  • double crochet through the front loop only (UK terminology) / single crochet through the front loop only (US terminology)
  • how to fasten off
  • how to weave in ends


what you’ll need to know

It helps to know how to do these stitches and techniques before starting the Bliss Blanket:

  • how to wind a skein into a ball
  • counting stitches
  • checking the row length
  • join chunky yarn using the Chunky Yarn Joining Kit
  • have done some crocheting before