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the blanket sizes


It’s time to start filling in your Progress Worksheet! Go to “the blanket size I’m making” and complete it with the info from down below.

The Bliss Blanket pattern covers 10 blanket sizes:
Bliss Blanket crochet pattern size | Homelea Lass contemporary crochet

The width is measured across the bed (and along the row) and the height is from the base to the head of the bed (and is the measurement of all the rows).

Because of the weight and stretchiness of this blanket, the sizes and gauge are indicators only. It’s handy to measure your Bliss Blanket as you’re making it to check it’s the width that you want.


gauge / tension

  • 9 stitches in 20cm (7.9in)
  • 8 rows in 20cm (7.9in)


how to make a different size

Making a different sized Bliss Blanket is easy. Here are a few different ways to do it:

  • increase or decrease the number of stitches in the foundation chain and subsequent rows, or
  • increase or decrease the number of rows, or
  • change the size of your yarn and/or crochet hook to change both the width and height.