skill level needed and what you’ll learn


skill level – intermediate

The Ecstatic Joy Blanket includes more involved stitch patterns and shapes. I recommend making it after the Warm Heart Blanket, Midnight Garden Blanket and the Diamond Blanket.


what you’ll learn

This is what you’ll learn while making the Ecstatic Joy Blanket:

  • changing yarn colours at the start of the row
  • 2 different increasing stitches
  • 2 different decreasing stitches
  • how to tidy and steam the edges of your blanket


what you’ll need to know

It helps to know how to do these stitches and techniques before starting the Ecstatic Joy Blanket:

  • how to wind a skein into a ball
  • slip knot
  • chain
  • double crochet (UK terminology) / single crochet (US terminology)
  • treble (UK terminology) / double crochet (US terminology)
  • counting stitches
  • checking the row length
  • join chunky yarn using the Chunky Yarn Joining Kit
  • how to fasten off
  • how to weave in ends


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